Connected Citizens

The power, peril and potential of networks

The Communication Network blog published by Bruce Trachtenberg described the recent report from Knight Foundation titled:Connected Citizens.

The report describes 5 promising trends for citizen-centered social action:

To quote:

  1. Listening to and consulting the crowds: Actively listening to online conversations and openly asking for advice.
  2. Designing for serendipity: Creating environments, in person and online, where helpful connections can form.
  3. Bridging differences:  Deliberately connecting people with different perspectives.
  4. Catalyzing mutual support:   Helping people directly help each other.
  5. Providing handrails for collective action:  Giving enough direction for individuals to take effective and coordinated action.

And their conclusions:

“neighbors are banding together and making a difference in their neighborhoods as the public infrastructure deteriorates … making progress on complex social problems will require the participation of many citizens and perspectives.  There will be more connectivity, transparency and decentralization.  And people will continue to network for both social purposes and self-interest. ”

Hard to dispute.


About charitymatrix

CharityMatrix is an online platform that helps organizations manage their social media efforts. The platform helps create a community of contributors, particularly in organizations with many chapters and initiatives, where the mission can easily get overwhelmed by individual messages. The contributors are organized to become self-sustaining and self-perpetuating, and focused on engaging with donors, contributors, volunteers, and organizers to grow the next generation of members. The platform is designed to empower users to learn and expand skills (from newbie, user, pro to guru). CharityMatrix provides: (1) A 'one-stop shop' with embedded guidelines and instructions for using each social media channel (2) A project management tool to create teams and administer the effort (3) Collaboration tools to include staff, interns, advisers and volunteers
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