There are way too many rules

To build your social media community.

Be kind, nice, interesting, present, transparent, focused, timely, informative, funny, relevant, personable, engaging, wise, … , tweet daily, update your Facebook page weekly, your Blog monthly, …

I am losing track.

Some of these rules and suggestions were developed by those who extrapolated their personal experience to building their audience. And that maybe OK for the non-profits interested only in building an audience or raise donations.

Tough call. The net will attract many different constituents who may not share a common thread.  Volunteers, members, staff,  donors and other related organization will respond differently to a call-to-action.

I propose to begin (to quote Stephen Covey) “with the end in sight.” Who are your constituents and how can you bind them into communities of common interest.

An example: A JCC can build an audience around its cultural program with blogs or a Facebook page that highlights future talks by speakers, add bios, themes, comments, reviews, books published by past and future speakers (they and their publicists will thank you), articles and Op-Ed’s by community members and past speakers … There is much to talk about.

A benefit to members or contributors could be early announcements of ticket sales or more aggressively, a discount if bought during a brief window. It provides valuable word-of-mouth traffic. Comments and discussions indicates interest in new/different topics, and should create even more word-of-mouth traffic.

Suddenly, the community is contributing to the program by freely and willingly advertising it with their friends and family, subscribing (early) to the program and providing insight on which future programs they might like to see. The blog and/or Facebook page should also provide links to other activities at the Center.


About charitymatrix

CharityMatrix is an online platform that helps organizations manage their social media efforts. The platform helps create a community of contributors, particularly in organizations with many chapters and initiatives, where the mission can easily get overwhelmed by individual messages. The contributors are organized to become self-sustaining and self-perpetuating, and focused on engaging with donors, contributors, volunteers, and organizers to grow the next generation of members. The platform is designed to empower users to learn and expand skills (from newbie, user, pro to guru). CharityMatrix provides: (1) A 'one-stop shop' with embedded guidelines and instructions for using each social media channel (2) A project management tool to create teams and administer the effort (3) Collaboration tools to include staff, interns, advisers and volunteers
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